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This pack includes 10 professionally-made ambient soundtracks, suitable for horror games, movies or youtube videos. Every file has at least one variation and three file formats, meaning that you're actually buying over 50 individual tracks!

Some of these are made specially for this pack, and others are tracks I made for abandoned projects of mine. All tracks include wav, mp3 and ogg versions ready to be dropped into any project!

All of the included tracks can be used in any commercial project. It would be appreciated if you credit me in your project!

Play the video to hear some snippets of the included tracks!

Tracklist with descriptions for each track below:

  1. Night of the Infection - A short but extremely unnerving soundscape, perfect for a zombie uprising.
  2. Darkest Souls - A short,  intense loop with heavy drums and a choir in the background. Perfect for a big boss battle!
  3. Blood Moon - The demons have risen and you must sneak out of the city! This track teases the fact that something may be near, but you can never be sure...
  4. Faraway Night - You can hear a distant piano playing. Who is playing it, I wonder? This sad piece transforms into a more hopeful song, and is designed to be a loop for a title screen or credits sequence. Also comes with a version containing less reverb resulting in a clearer piano sound.
  5. They're Coming - A progressive  soundscape with a hellish end, including many distant demons. They're coming... we must go.
  6. Chains - A very unnerving, metallic soundscape, using a sample from one of the tracks from my horror game - Tenome!
  7. Intergalactic Horror - A sci-fi horror ambience. Dark synths tease that something is coming.
  8. Possession - A ghost has entered your home and is attempting to control you. Try to survive the ghastly moans and droans in this track.
  9. Her Music Box - After she died, we never touched her favourite music box, yet it never stops playing its demonic tune.
  10. Exploring the Night - A dark and mysterious soundscape, fitting for an exploration game or ghost-hunting series.
  11. (BONUS) Escape From Hell - An intense music track, accompanying one's escape from the demons of hell using synths and guitars. This was used for a now-abandoned project of mine, in a level where you were being chased by hordes of demons through a hellish landscape. Also, the second drop is my favourite.

Still not convinced? Download "Night of the Infection" for free below!


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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