Tenome 1.3 Patch Notes

Hi all!

A new update for Tenome is available on the game page! Here's a list of changes:

  • Improved ambient soundtrack
  • Slightly reduced motion blur
  • Slightly reduced Tenome chase speed
  • Tenome can now turn slightly easier, but can still overshoot turns when sprinting!
  • Tenome is now slightly bigger, to increase dominance!
  • Removed navmesh around most classroom chairs to make Tenome easier to escape when cornered
  • Modified navmesh in some hallways to "hinder" Tenome movement, to also increase odds of escape
  • Added more Tenome spawns though, so keep your eyes and ears peeled...
  • Fixed an issue where the player could escape the game world in some classrooms
  • Replaced one of the tips with a better one
  • Added new music to the credits screen
  • Added a teaser to the credits screen

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