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Zoomies! Cat Racing is currently being developed and is expected to release sometime in 2024! Follow Scarlet Games for updates!

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🎮 Welcome to the ultimate adrenaline-fueled gaming experience: Zoomies: Cat Racing– the purrfect fusion of speed, feline fierceness, and multiplayer mayhem! 🐾

Embark on a heart-pounding racing adventure as you immerse yourself in the captivating world of Cat Racing! Feel the thrill of the wind in your fur as you dash through various exhilarating tracks, each with its own twists, turns, and jaw-dropping surprises. 

🐱 Choose from a motley crew of feisty feline racers, each with their own unique personality and stats. From the agile Tabby cat to the powerhouse Bengal, there's a choice for every racing style!

But why settle for racing alone when you can unleash the competitive beast within? Zoomies boasts a multiplayer feature, allowing you to go whisker-to-whisker against friends!

So why wait? Follow us today and see if you have what it takes to be the top cat on the track!


  • A selection of unique tracks to race on
  • Various cat breeds to race as
  • Cloud-Based Multiplayer
  • Gamepad Support
  • Achievement System


Try the demo which includes 3 tracks and 4 cats to try!

Zoomies has been developed using an Xbox game controller so playing with a gamepad is HIGHLY recommended!

Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorScarlet Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Cartoon, Cats, Comedy, Difficult, Fast-Paced, Funny, Multiplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


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So after posting my first video there was an update that fixed a lot of the keyboard control issues and made it easier for keyboard users . I wanted to go back in and see if I could make anything other than last place lol

It wouldn't update the game in the itchio app and so I uninstalled it. When reinstalling, it reports an error "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined" but installing it from the website directly works.

Hello! Yes I’m unsure of how the app works but redownloading from the store page should definitely work. I’ll look into getting the app myself and trying to get it to work on there!

Great game: me and my brother really enjoyed playing it

Hi! I am super glad you like the game! I noticed you played the 'old' version of Zoomies. If you download the new demo, it contains new graphics, tracks and more!

Thanks for playing !

Yoooo i’ll definitely download the new demo then, we loved the game and were talking about playing it again but with different characters so that sounds epic!

I've always sucked at racing games, Mario Kart...etc. lol. So, here's mine!

Thank you for the generous contribution! The latest update has made the cats a lot easier to control so less spinning out!

Thanks for playing and I hope you return soon :)

This game has a lot of potential to be a good racing game. I had an issue with turning but I bet the controls are a lot better using a controller .  I hope the full version has way more kitties to pick from  :) 


Hello! Thanks for playing!
Interesting bug you found with the cat stats. Will have to make sure I fix that :)

Also there is a new demo build available which includes better drift physics so that it's easier to play with a keyboard. Please let me know what you think!

Thank you again

Oohhhh wow , so when I was able to change the stats that was a bug? lol I thought that was odd .  

 I was thinking of trying it out with a controller to see if I could do any better but since you got a new demo out ill check that one out too :) 

Let me know what you think!


Cada vez qye vuelvo a jugar el juego mejora bastante, me gusta la implementacion de impulsadores, los npc, los vehículos, obstaculos, y el cambio grafico al estilo de los simpsons se ven geniales, el juego es muy divertido y tiene futuro, faltan arreglar algunos puntos en los niveles que se bugean pero despues el juego es maravilloso

Thank you for playing!

Funniest thing I've played in a minute, it's also a lot of fun! My only real complaint is tight turning is really hard since using your break to simulate a drift makes you do a 180, but I suppose that's also the point. Other than that a lot of fun! Can't wait for the multiplayer release

Hello! I've literally just uploaded a new demo build right now which includes some slight drift physics tweaks. Maybe try on that build and see what you think? In any case I'll make a note to reduce the braking power when drifting so thanks very much for that :)

Really happy you like the game! Cheers!

I just tried the new version, and yeah drifting feels so much cleaner now! I will say I do not know what the sparks mean, though I just use them as a guide to tell me if I am turning too hard, which I really like! The game feels really unique and a lot of fun with the new change, the new maps is also really cool I love how you repurposed a previous map yet made it feel so different! Really excited for this game :D!! In terms of balancing cats with high turning capabilities seem really strong right now, but then again game isn't multiplayer yet so I would not fully know. Can't wait!

I'm glad you like the new update! And yes that is exactly what the sparks mean :)
I'm still trying to figure out how to teach the player about the sparks, so maybe I'll make a tutorial race for first-time players.

Ooh okay I'll see if I can buff the other cats then if the high-turning cats are too OP. Thanks so much for all of the feedback!

It stills processing HD, I play on controller and tbh this is the best time I could get I even tried with all other cats so maybe bobcat just good, and np! Game is just fun so i'd love to see it better, I'll wait for more updates to come! There is 1 area of this map though that I feel like should be changed in the clip after the first race you can see me crashing into nothing since there is an invisible wall that always stops me from taking a tighter turn, do not know if this is on purpose but that's my only criticism with the new map LOL. Cant wait for more!!

Thanks so much for the video! I really appreciate that :) yes it looks like there's some collision that shouldn't be there. I'll make sure to remove that in the next update. Good find!

I will try and beat your time :P it might take me a while since you've set a really good time I am struggling to beat it!


Si te gustan los videojuegos para pasar un buen rato y no tener que pensar demasiado, con esta DEMO te enseñamos por qué este ZOOMIES CAT RACING te puede interesar. ¡Embárcate en una trepidante aventura de carreras mientras te sumerges en el cautivador mundo de Cat Racing! Siente la emoción del viento en tu pelaje mientras corres por varias pistas emocionantes, cada una con sus propios giros, vueltas y sorpresas asombrosas.

Thank you :)


Actually a fantastic idea of a game! I love this take on a racing game! The drifting is a little wild, but I can't wait to see this fully! Great work!


Hi there! Thanks so much for playing, loved your video (and your cat ears!)

The drifting physics are definitely a little janky and it's something I'm working hard to improve. It's quite a difficult thing to get right for sure :)

I'm releasing an update to the demo soon which should include a slight improvement to the drift physics, specifically it helps you more to retain a drift rather than letting you spin out (though it is definitely still possible if you drift hard enough xD)

Thanks again!

(1 edit) (+1)

been following this game for months now and gotta say i had an absolute blast with this new update!!! love the music as well! will definitely be getting the full release. (scottish fold kinda goated ngl)

Thank you so much! Lovely to hear that :)

My favourite is the Persian, but also excited to reveal the new cats that will come with the full game!


the blur effect still remains even if i change the settings to very low

Hi there!

Do you mean the blur effect on the main menu? This was intentional as it doesn't really affect the game performance all that much as the blur is only present in the main menu. I can add it as a toggle off for the very low quality settings though.

Sorry for the confusion. I misspoke about the blur effect. What I meant was the blur motion.


This was an awesome, funny and cute game! Took a second to get used to the controls and the drifting but once I did it plays great. I managed to get first and second place in both tracks, great job! I recommend and will play more when multiplayer is added. Here is my gameplay video!

Awesome vid, dude! Thanks so much!

I still need to improve the cat stability when they go over ramps and jumps, so I'll make sure to provide some love and care to this area for the full game!


whats the minimum requirements

Hi there

I have no idea, but Zoomies should run on most modern computers. There is a 'Quality' setting in the game which you can set lower if you are having issues with performance.

The demo is free so you should try it and find out :) 


I was asking cuz my laptop is one of those cheap laptops.


Ok I found out, my 2 core, 4g ram laptop can run it very well at medium settings. Above that it's just a wee bit laggy but still playable. Also, good game but I suck with keyboard lol. [Still in easy mode] Can't wait to see more.

Thank you for your kind words!
Yes I recommend playing the game using a gamepad or xbox controller, but I will try and make the keyboard input a bit smoother for the full game!

(1 edit)

So is it only demo's atm? I looked on youtube and their game is very different than mine. Yes I paid for it, I just want to know I got the right one.. Only link to download is the demo :(

Yes it is only the demo right now, as it says on the store page the game is still in development. The demo was uploaded less than a week ago and includes many improvements over the older demo.

There are many Youtube videos of the old demo (which was the build used for the game jam) which looks a lot different. I can make this demo available for you, if you'd prefer that?


No, I'm good! I just wanted to make sure I got the right one that's all 😁😁. I can't wait to see it as it develops

Tabarnack pas controllable ca calisse greos

Hi there, are you having issues with the game?

This game has alot of potential please add a jump mechanic

Thank you I will think about it :)


Very fun. Looks promising. =)

Thank you!


I will be playing this live tomorrow 3/19 around 630-7 PM EST =)


SUPER fun love this game

<3 thank you


I stumbled upon the project on dev logs. I was curious so I played it. I have finished everything and this is the funniest and funnest game I have played for a while xD

Thanks for your kind words :) 


El mejor juego de gatos que e visto XD muy divertido

Great game! A little bit of glitches, but I can not wait for more updates!

This is a fun game! Any way to remap the movement buttons for the keyboard? I'd prefer to use the arrow keys.

Hello! I'm super happy you enjoyed the game! Thanks so much for your support~
The full game will feature gamepad support, as well as taking advantage of both WASD and Arrow Keys for movement! I'll be updating the demo soon which should include these features so stay tuned :)



When will us be able to play the multiplayer version?
The game is too good! Congrats!

Hi there! Thank you for your kind comments :)
I am just one guy developing this on my own so the full game will not be ready until 2024. But please keep following the development until then !

did you make the ART?

Hello! Most of the art is from the Synty Studios POLYGON asset packs.

Me and the stream team tried this out and had a blast. Can't wait for the day we can play against each other! 

Bruh. This looks fun as hell!

Hello, this game is very similar to a old browser game I used to play about cats racing but it was indoors. I was wondering if you got inspired by that game and if so, do you remember what it was called? I cannot find it anywhere.


Hey! This game is actually inspired by the Cat Driving mode from the popular Timesplitters series. I don't think I've heard of the game you're talking about but it sounds cool!


Hey, thanks for the reply. Sadly it's not the game I am looking for, but I appriciate that you've responded. I think it's somewhere deeply rooted in one of those browser game websites. I'll share if I find anything. 


thats a really nice game fr , im horrendous at it tho (please add a practice mode)


Who would  have thought cats and speedy racing would make a perfect combo? 



Making a game all by yourself is so hard, I'm impressed with the result! It's a lot of fun with a tiny drop of frustration :D


This game is sooo silly and fun! I love it!! great job!!!!


The best thing ever made in the history of everything.

Thank you

No.. thank YOU!


wow this game is awesomeeeeeeeeee keep making new games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


absolutely amazing game, i really cant wait for the full game. kitty go zoom



this game kicks ass! i love how challenging and intense it is for just a silly little cat racing game lol, i hope more cats get added!

Thanks! Your kind words mean a lot to me :)
The full version will include more cats and tracks!



I played this as part of a 6 random game video. And this game took me by surprise it definitely kept me laughing! Give it a watch! Like and subscribe! 

this is the funniest thing I have seen this week and the game is definitely amazing ahahah, thanks for this gem

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